Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Much Needed Introduction, Oh Yes.

Hi there! I'm Lindsay, and I've put off creating a blog for far too long. I think this will be a fun way to communicate with other people from all over that enjoy the same things that I do and share the same interests. Anyway, I'm currently laying in bed like a lazy butt, not knowing what to wear today. It's really sunny for a February day, which is a good thing. I'm turning 18 in a week or so; I cannot wait. Hopefully when you visit this blog, you'll feel at home and will get to know me better. I created this page in hopes of sharing my love for fashion, photography, current issues, and yummy tea. Look forward to me posting a ton of outfits, recent purchases, style obsessions, and more. Take a look into my world, you might be interested :)


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